27 Dec 2015 Kenshinn + LeongGhee

"Thank you Gaius! Thanks for coming in so early, and spending so much time capturing moments till very late afternoon...

You are very dedicated! Video is super awesome, friends said it's the highlight of the wedding dinner :)"

--Quoted from LeongGhee--

"Thanks Gaius for the awesome video!"

--Quoted from Kenshinn--


19 Dec 2015 Jeffson + Chloe

"Very thankful for the special video capture every single lovely pictures and video to make our wedding so memorable. U guys are definitely strongly being recommended.. U all are awesome"

--Quoted from Jeffson--


7 Nov 2015 Ivan + Michelle

"Appreciate your expertise and awesome artistic editing for our once in a lifetime moments. 
Definitely strongly recommending you to my friends who is planning. 
Thank you so much Gaius Yeong!"

"Again, Thank you so much Gaius Yeong, my mom loves your artwork and for your patience humble attitude. It is Ivan's and my honour to get you to help us in our very day. Thank you and keep it going!"

--Quoted from Michelle--


8 Aug 2015 Zubair + Nafisa

"Brilliant pictures and videos taken!"

--Quoted from Zubair--


27 June 2015 Gary + Elaine

"Hi Gaius, just wanna say thanks for the job well done on Saturday.

We all enjoyed the video shown during the dinner!"

--Quoted from Elaine--

"The video wouldn't be such nice without your effort. We received a lot positive feedbacks on video quality in Butterworth :)"

--Quoted from Gary--



9 Jan 2015 Jason + Sharon

"Love ur video alottt lo ...will definitely recommend my frends :)

Tq so muchhh

Can't wait :) I watched many many times :) No problem :)"

--Quoted from Sharon--



4 Jan 2015 Ivan + Mary

"Very sweet, funny & cute wedding 'jip san leong' video...The task for the Heng Dai seems very easy :) 

and the jelly looks very yummy wor..."

--Quoted from Cheryl--



27 Dec 2014 Tommy + Nicole

"Your photos and videos are very professional and nice! We love it very much.

Thanks so much and will find u again for my bb full moon"

-- Quoted from Nicole --




11 Jan 2014 CY + SP


只是我嫌我笑得不够矜持啦。早上那slide show我们也看了好多遍。


-- Quoted from SP --