Jan 2020 Grace

"Am really glad that we engaged GMPS Wedding Film as the videographer on our wedding day! We both are very happy with the amazing video and his work exceeded my expectation!! His patience and professionalism made us so comfortable the entire day. Would definitely recommend to everyone. Thank you so much Gaius, for your enormous effort in capturing these beautiful moments for us that will truly last a lifetime.

Thanks Gaius and team!"


Mar 2019 Angie

"Thank you

From our pre-wedding to actual day, from Paris to Switzerland to Malaysia. Gaius is an absolutely amazing photographer + videographer . There are no word to describing how amazing our photo and video. He captured every moment of our wedding and he captured are truly stunning. A great guy who wouldn't stop at anything to get the perfect picture.Definitely recommend him."


Mar 2019 Julian

"Absolutely professional, meticulous & wonderful photo and videographer

Gaius was our photo & videographer for pre-wedding shoot in Switzerland. He was very friendly which made the shoot very enjoyable. He is very much committed to producing wonderful films and beautiful photos and therefore he worked extremely hard even in both hot/cold weather. He did an itinerary which enabled us to enjoy the sights of Switzerland while doing our shoot and so for that I give him 2 thumbs up! With his positive attitude plus his professional skills in capturing the moments, you can be well assured of the final product from Gaius. We would highly recommend Gaius to anyone interested in capturing their precious moments in life. Last but not least, we would like to thank Gaius for his superb effort! Thanks Bro!"


Sep 2018 Edward

"Gaius is both an extremely professional photographer/ cinematographer and good friend to have. He is humble and takes his time to produce good results that wows. Be patient with him and you'll not be disappointed by the results. We thoroughly enjoyed his services and will definitely recommend him to others. Keep up the good work and all the best!"


Oct 2017 Derrick

"A 5-star award-winning cinematographer that delivers.

I am truly, truly delighted to have chosen Gaius as my pre-wedding cinematographer in Phuket and for the Actual Day.

Gaius' professionalism as a cinematographer is highly respected. He has the magical touch on the finest details in search for perfection, putting his prominent creativity to work.

Aside from shooting the pre-wedding video, Gaius also successfully captured many amazing photos for us as a bonus with his superior gadgets. Gaius is also very quick in delivering the final products despite his busy schedule!

Another notable mention would be that Gaius is a very humble professional.He is very detailed with his explanation and extremely responsive to queries, making it a breeze for us to stay on the same page.

With his vast experience under his belt in the industry across so many countries, coupled with his many other art-related talents, Gaius is without a doubt the go-to for thrilling cinematography experience. Here's my seal of 5-star stamp of approval.

I can't thank you enough for your dedication and hard work. See you again on the Actual Day!"


Apr 2017 Damien

"Had Gaius do our actual day video for us! Really happy with how it turned out! He was pleasant and easy to work with! Video shots are out of the box and the outcome was better then expected!! Thank you on behalf of my wife and I! Highly recommended!"


Apr 2017 Reena

"Gaius is really very passionate in his work. We are really really happy we chose him as our pre wedding photographer and actual day videographer. He really is genuinely interested in taking the best pictures and making our moments last forever. I am just so grateful i found him online randomly. My photoshoot was not easy as the location was in the jungle but Gaius still came along and even in rain, he stayed to take the perfect shots. This is a purely dedicated person. His work really was impressive and we highly appreciate all his time and effort in taking our photography and videography. He also was very patient with us and our families on actual wedding day and everyone liked him. Very very easy person to deal with and highly recommended to all. Gaius is excellant, and we were highly impressed. Thank you soooooooo much for all your hard work and dedication. We really really appreciate it very much!! 🙂"


Dec 2016 Szu Szen

"Very professional & committed to his job and very detailed to every single small or big details. Best person to look for to get your most memorable moment captured! Book him now for your next memorable event before somebody else does. Highly recommended!"


Sep 2016 Natalie

"Gaius was our videographer for our wedding and I must say he did a wonderful job!

He was punctual and stayed later than expected for both morning and night sessions.

And because we finished late for the morning session, he had a very limited time for the SDE but he managed to finish it in time and it was AMAZING! EVERYONE LOVED THE VIDEO SO MUCH! (We loved it too!)

He really takes the initiative to make sure that things get done perfectly. (Like going over to the groom’s house a day earlier to check out the place, take some footage, etc, etc)

We received the final product on time as promised and everything in it was perfect.

So if you’re looking for a person who does more on cinematography instead of those normal ones, then Gaius is the guy you are looking for~ Highly recommended!

Once again, thank you so much, Gaius, for making our wedding day such a memorable one! 😃"



27 Dec 2015 Kenshinn + LeongGhee

"Thank you Gaius! Thanks for coming in so early, and spending so much time capturing moments till very late afternoon...

You are very dedicated! Video is super awesome, friends said it's the highlight of the wedding dinner :)"

--Quoted from LeongGhee--

"Thanks Gaius for the awesome video!"

--Quoted from Kenshinn--


19 Dec 2015 Jeffson + Chloe

"Very thankful for the special video capture every single lovely pictures and video to make our wedding so memorable. U guys are definitely strongly being recommended.. U all are awesome"

--Quoted from Jeffson--


7 Nov 2015 Ivan + Michelle

"Appreciate your expertise and awesome artistic editing for our once in a lifetime moments. 
Definitely strongly recommending you to my friends who is planning. 
Thank you so much Gaius Yeong!"

"Again, Thank you so much Gaius Yeong, my mom loves your artwork and for your patience humble attitude. It is Ivan's and my honour to get you to help us in our very day. Thank you and keep it going!"

--Quoted from Michelle--


8 Aug 2015 Zubair + Nafisa

"Brilliant pictures and videos taken!"

--Quoted from Zubair--


27 June 2015 Gary + Elaine

"Hi Gaius, just wanna say thanks for the job well done on Saturday.

We all enjoyed the video shown during the dinner!"

--Quoted from Elaine--

"The video wouldn't be such nice without your effort. We received a lot positive feedbacks on video quality in Butterworth :)"

--Quoted from Gary--



9 Jan 2015 Jason + Sharon

"Love ur video alottt lo ...will definitely recommend my frends :)

Tq so muchhh

Can't wait :) I watched many many times :) No problem :)"

--Quoted from Sharon--



4 Jan 2015 Ivan + Mary

"Very sweet, funny & cute wedding 'jip san leong' video...The task for the Heng Dai seems very easy :) 

and the jelly looks very yummy wor..."

--Quoted from Cheryl--



27 Dec 2014 Tommy + Nicole

"Your photos and videos are very professional and nice! We love it very much.

Thanks so much and will find u again for my bb full moon"

-- Quoted from Nicole --




11 Jan 2014 CY + SP


只是我嫌我笑得不够矜持啦。早上那slide show我们也看了好多遍。


-- Quoted from SP --